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Stalking My Love by Ruchi Chandra Verma is a captivating, interesting, emotional, and pure love story of Trisha and Viraj who come from a different financial and social background. Read the full review and summary in the article below.

Author: Ruchi Chandra Verma
Cover                                                                                        star star starstar

Plot                                                                                           star star star star

Narration                                                                                  star star star star

Characters                                                                                star star star star 

Release Date                                                                              25 January 2024

Pages                                                                                         281


Book Review: Stalking My Love by Ruchi Chandra Verma

Stalking My Love by Ruchi Chandra Verma is book number one in the Ishq Wala Love series. The book is all about stalking, heartbreaks, bitter-sweet relationships, love, friendship, and family bonding. Through this story, the author has thrown light on the fact that sometimes children do not share good relationships with their parents and it’s no one’s fault.

After reading Ray of Hope and Something’s Brewing I became a great fan of Ruchi Chandra Verma. When I came across this newly released book I couldn’t stop myself from finishing it in one go.

The cover of the book is simple, beautiful, and cute. It’s the title of the book that grabs my attention and I end up reading this emotional love story of Viraj Rajvansh and Trisha Agarwal. The author has wonderfully crafted the male and female protagonists of the story.

Trisha Agarwal is the strong female protagonist of the story who is boring, beautiful, and hard-working. She loves her family and works hard to add food to their plates every day. The struggles of Trisha seem real and the way she was struggling every day for her family is truly inspirational. She shares a friendly bond with her elder sister Deeksha and is like a mother to her younger sister Anaisha.

I loved the handsome, grumpy, caring, and possessive Viraj Rajvansh. Although he was stalking Trisha his motives were always pure. The way he took care of Trisha was heart-warming.

I love Viraj’s bonding with his younger brother Yuvraj. The cool and caring dynamics between Viraj and his two friends Shlok and Naman are heart-warming. It’s hard to find such loyal friends in current times. I enjoyed reading about the friendly bonding between Trisha, Yuvraj, and Anaisha.

Overall, it’s a cute love story and I finished it in one go. I love everything about the book apart from double words at one or two places I didn’t find any flaws in the book. This is a must-read book for all contemporary romance lovers. 

The flow of the book is super smooth with easy vocabulary. The unpredictable little suspense keeps the reader hooked till the end. The story ends with a big suspense and I can’t wait to read the next book in the Ishq Wala Love book series.

This book is full of friendship, emotions, innocence, and pure love that ends with marriage. If you love reading contemporary romance novels then I will highly recommend you to read Stalking My Love by Ruchi Chandra Verma.

Book Summary: Stalking My Love by Ruchi Chandra Verma

Trisha Agarwal drops out of college just after completing her graduation. She is doing multiple jobs and learning fashion design side-by-side to feed her family because her father is jobless and only comes home late after drinking to create more mess for the girls to clean up.

Trisha is trying hard to find a high-paying job and felt happy when got one in the Rajvansh group of Industries. Here, she came face to face with Viraj Rajvansh who silently stalked her every day. Trisha wanted to leave the job but she had no option because the company is paying well and she wanted to enroll her younger sister Anaisha in the post-graduation program.

Viraj Rajvansh is the handsome, hard-working, and rough CEO of Rajvansh Group of Industries. She fell in love with Trisha the first time he saw her dancing in college. He started following her from a distance and never tried to harm her.

He was on the top of the world when he saw Trisha in his office. Unfortunately, his happiness does not last long when he discovers Trisha has a boyfriend and they are planning to get married within the next few months.

Will Trisha get married to her boyfriend Alok?

Will Viraj ever stop stalking after discovering about her boyfriend?

To know more read Stalking My Love by Ruchi Chandra Verma.

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