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Hi, I am Khushbu, educated as aKhushbu Patel Book Blogger microbiologist, but a reader by soul.

I am from Surat, popular for its amazing variety of food. But, I found more peace in reading than in food.

Whenever I am feeling bored, I will love to read mystery novels. If I am feeling low then I will love to find peace in some funny love story written by an Indian author. If I want to learn something new then I will read self-help books instead of watching videos on social media or YouTube.

I am a loyal book lover who likes to spend more time with books instead of gossiping with people. You can follow me on Goodreads.

I aim to increase awareness about books and the benefits of reading through this knowledge saga book review blog.

Knowledge saga is an Indian book review blog where you can get book reviews and articles on different books.

I will love to share reviews on romance, thriller, crime, and Indian mythology genres. I also love reading autobiographies. 


















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