The Checkmate (Political Romance Trilogy Book 3) by Madhuri Tamse| Book Review| Book Summary

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The Checkmate by Madhuri Tamse is a well-crafted finale of a political romance trilogy with an unexpected twist and turn followed by an unanticipated end. Read the below article to learn more about the book review and summary.

Author: Madhuri Tamse
Cover                                                                                       star star star star half star

Plot                                                                                          star star star star half star

Narration                                                                                 star star star star star

Characters                                                                               star star star star 

Release Date                                                                            22 December 2022

Pages                                                                                        422


Book Review: The Checkmate by Madhuri Tamse

The Checkmate by Madhuri Tamse is packed with action, hot romance, power, and dirty games. This is the third one in the series and I suggest you read the first two before reading this one.

Although I became a great fan of Madhuri Tamse after reading The Gamble, the first one in the series. In between I also read The Maze, the second one in the political romance trilogy series. I must say she has outdone herself in the third and the last one in the series.

The first two books in the series revolve around the love story of Ayaan and Meher and the enmity of their fathers Pratap Walia and Kailash Shergill. The Checkmate revolves more around the friendship and enmity of three friends, Pratap Walia, Kailash Shergill, and Tej Khurrana. Here, you will find Pratap and Kailash joining hands a few times for the sake of their children.

The entry of Tej Khurana and his son Raghav makes the story more interesting. Some of the characters like Vishu, Krish, and Aksh who played the least role in the first two were more active and played a vital role in the story to add more twists and turns in the story.

More and more secrets that were buried in the past by Pratap, Kailash, and Tej were revealed only to turn the lives of their children upside down. The climax of the book is breathtaking where the real identity of the King, Ayaan Shergill is revealed.

The flow of the story is super smooth with simple vocabulary. The story moves at a fast pace with twists and turns at every moment. The author and her team had done good work on the editing part. This is one of the best ebook series that I come across with mind-blowing representation. 

This is a well-researched book with a well-planned plot packed with good and evil human emotions to win the race for power and money.

Right from the cover till the end, each chapter starts and ends well, and everything is just perfect like a paperback book.

The author wonderfully narrated the story by giving the names of chess pieces to the main characters and villains. Like the first two, this one too is full of amazing quotes inspired by the chess game. The author had gloriously explained the grandness of the chess game in the series which I am too unaware about.

More and more buried secrets are revealed as the story progresses making this book unputdownable. Suspense and hot romance between the King and Queen make this book super interesting and romantic both at a time.

This book is a good combination of romance and politics. If you love reading romance novels with lots of politics and power games then I will recommend you to read The Checkmate by Madhuri Tamse.

Book Summary: The Checkmate by Madhuri Tamse

“Your King can take on an entire army of foes by himself, sweetheart. Never underestimate him. He’s more powerful than the world knows.”

                                                                                                                     ㇐Ayaan Shergill

Ayaan and Meher received a mysterious gift at their reception party. These gifts unrevealed the dark secrets that their fathers were hiding from them. The secret message hidden inside the mysterious gift turned Her against her father whom she was trying hard to protect from her husband. This weakens the foundation of a father-daughter relationship.

All these create misunderstandings between Ayaan and Meher for some time. Vishnu, the bodyguard of Pratap Wallia shares a secret relationship with the Walia family which both have been trying to hide for a long time. Aksh who was against Ayaan is now supporting Meher and her husband.

Although things are improving on one side for Meher and Ayaan on the other, the Bishop who shares a blood bond with the King makes things hard for Walia and the Shergill family.

The Bishop, Tej Khurana, and his son want the King to join hands with them. To win Ayaan’s support and confidence, both are ready to harm Wallia and the Shergill family.

Did the King change sides to save his family?

Why does the Bishop want the King to join hands with him?

To know more read The Checkmate by Madhuri Tamse.

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