One Hellish Passion (Billionaires Love Series Book 1) by Madhuri Tamse| Book Review| Book Summary

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One Hellish Passion by Madhuri Tamse is a captivating, interesting, passionate, and romantic love story of Ranveer Malhotra and Maya Bajaj. Read the full book review and summary in the article below.

Author: Madhuri Tamse
Cover                                                                                      star star starstar

Plot                                                                                         star star star star half star

Narration                                                                                star star star star half star

Characters                                                                               star star star star 

Release Date                                                                            12 February 2024

Pages                                                                                        684

Book Review: One Hellish Passion by Madhuri Tamse

One Hellish Passion by Madhuri Tamse is a contemporary fake dating billionaire romance. This is book one in the Billionaire Love Series. This book features a strong male protagonist who runs the story successfully with his arrogant and smart attitude till the end making this the best choice for romance lovers.

The book begins with confusion, tension, and revenge and ends with love, bliss, and happily ever after. To make the plot intriguing the author had wonderfully crafted the characters of the story especially the male and female protagonists of the story.

Ranveer Malhotra is a short-tempered, possessive, and powerful male protagonist of the story who loves to control people around him. His obsession with Maya and controlling behavior make him stand out as a strong male protagonist.

Maya Bajaj is a beautiful, hard-working, female protagonist of the story. She is working hard to save money for her mother’s treatment. The bad life experiences had not made her bitter like a male protagonist but she takes her time to trust people around her.

The fire and ice chemistry between Ranveer and Maya is fun to read and keeps the reader hooked to the story till the end.

Dhruv is the sweetest brother in the world to Ranveer. Garima is the romantic and most understanding mother of Maya. I must say Ranveer has the cutest Grandma in the world who is cool and understanding.

After reading the Political Romance Trilogy, I became a great fan of Madhuri Tamse, and again in this book, she does miracles when it comes to the narration of the story.

Madhuri Tamse created good suspense to keep the reader addicted to the story till the end. Initially, I thought Ranveer was attracted to Maya. But, as the story unfolds, I found that he was fake-dating her to take revenge on his step-father and step-brother. The plot is unpredictable and the climax is mind-blowing.

The story flows at a good pace bringing different twists and turns to keep the reader hooked and the sarcastic attitude of grumpy and smart Ranveer Malhotra is worth appreciating.

The cover of the book is very beautiful and attractive. The author has used simple English vocabulary with some Hindi words which makes the reading journey more romantic and likable.

Although the book is fun and romantic, it is slightly lengthy. It’s an interesting book filled with passion and love, making it a must-read for all contemporary romance lovers.

The crisp and clear plot, passionate romance, and hidden culprit within the family make it an entertaining read for contemporary fiction lovers. If you love reading enemy-to-lovers fiction then I will highly recommend you to read One Hellish Passion by Madhuri Tamse.

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Book Summary: One Hellish Passion by Madhuri Tamse

Maya Bajaj is the head of a model hunt house called ‘Blitz’. She is an illegitimate child of Garima and Vivek Bajaj. She is working hard to save money for the treatment of her mother. Ranveer Malhotra is a hardworking, handsome, tyrant, and control freak businessman who does not even trust his own shadow.

Ranveer needed a fake girlfriend to take revenge on his step-father Dev Malik and his step-brother Kunal Malik. When his eye fell on Maya Bajaj during a fashion show he knew that she was perfect for the job.

Initially, she rejected his offer but later she agreed because she needed money urgently for the treatment of her mother.

With time Ranveer becomes obsessed with Maya unable to control his feelings and Maya begins to see the real man beneath the arrogant businessman. Slowly, fake dates are replaced by real ones.

Things fell apart when Maya discovered that Ranveer was the man who ruined her modeling career four years back to take revenge on his step-brother Kunal Malik.

Will Maya ever forgive Ranveer?

Will Ranveer listen to his heart over his brain?   

To know more read One Hellish Passion by Madhuri Tamse.

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