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Dodging Your Love by Ruchi Chandra Verma is a contemporary romance novel featuring Casanova hero Shlok Shergill and Stubborn heroine Anaisha Agarwal. Read the full review and summary in the article below.

Author: Ruchi Chandra Verma        

Cover star star star star

Plot star star star star

Narration star star star star

Characters star star star star

Realease Date 15 March 2024

Pages 292

Book Review: Dodging Your Love by Ruchi Chandra Verma

Dodging Your Love by Ruchi Chandra Verma is book 2 in the Ishq Wala Love Series. This book continues from where the first book Stalking My Love ends. It’s not necessary to read the first one before reading this one but I suggest you read it before starting with the second one.

The first love story is sweet and I love the male and female protagonists. They played a major role in this book as Viraj is a friend of Shlok and Ana is Trisha’s sister. The cover of the book is beautiful and its title gives full justice to the plot of the story.

The author had wonderfully crafted the characters of the book Dodging Your Love by Ruchi Chandra Verma.

Anaisha Agrwal is often called Ana by her near and dear ones. She is the youngest sister and I must say she is stubborn and mature both at a time. She is an emotional girl who cares for her family and loved ones. She craved for the love her sister Trisha shared with her husband Viraj.

Shlok Shergill is busy building her father’s business and happy with his Casanova life. He does not go well with his parents and loves his sister Shruti. He adores his best friends Viraj and Naman who are the strongest pillars of his life. He is happy with his one-night stands and never wants to get married.

He is attracted to Ana but often avoids his feelings because he considers her too pure for him.

Ana and Yuvi continue their friendship which has grown many folds. The story was well narrated covering the negative side of social media and reporters following famous people

The author highlighted the emotional and social problems faced by couples in age-gap marriages. The story has also thrown light on childhood abuse and family problems that keep chasing the adults and negatively harm their personal lives.

Love is the body of this story and friendship is the soul of the story. We all crave good friends who stand by us in good and bad times.

This is a story of two people, one who believes in love and one who doesn’t. The story flows smoothly by keeping the reader invested in the love story of sassy and sarcastic Ana and handsome and sad Casanova Shlok. I love everything about the book and now I want to read  Deeksha and Naman’s story. The story ends with a hint for the next one in the series.

If you love reading slow-burning contemporary romances then I will highly recommend you to read Dodging Your Love by Ruchi Chandra Verma.

Book Summary: Dodging Your Love by Ruchi Chandra Verma

Anaisha Agarwal blamed herself for the accident that happened in Goa long back. After her father passed away she is living with her middle sister Trisha and her husband Viraj Rajvansh.

On one side she is completing her college and on the other side preparing for CA exams. She is in love with Viraj’s best friend Shlok Shergill who is nine years older than her. Many times she gave him hints but he always avoided her whenever he came to visit them.

Shlok Shergill is busy in building business and dodging love. He holds a Casanova image who never wanted to get married.  He is happy until one day he finds himself amidst controversy. He decided to remain silent which landed him in jail.

To clear his name and to get a business deal his father forced him to marry Anaisha Agarwal.

Will Shlok marry Anaisha?

Will Anaisha and Shlok have a future together?

To know more read Dodging Your Love by Ruchi Chandra Verma.

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