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Married in Deceit by Shilpa Suraj unveils the love story of handsome, honest, and ruthless Agastya Kodela and beautiful, sweet, and trained classical dancer Veda Gadde. Read the full book review and summary in the article below.

Author: Shilpa Suraj

Cover star star star star

Plot star star star star

Narration star star star star half star

Characters star star star star

Release Date 30 April 2024

Pages 243

Book Review: Married in Deceit by Shilpa Suraj

Married in Deceit by Shilpa Suraj is book 2 in the Dynasty Rebels series. This book is a political drama that is full of scandals, people’s engagement, media circus, and duty towards people. Among all this love takes a back seat which results in heartbreak and separation.

Just like Married in Hate, the first book in the series this one too revolves around power, politics, and saving family name from false allegations. The author had thrown light on dirty politics that people play for their selfish motives.

The story unfolds the busy life of an IT minister and trained classical dancer. The power and politics turn the lives of the male and female protagonist upside down creating trouble in their marriage. The best part is in between their busy lives they steal some time for each other. The author had very nicely framed the strong and heart-stealing male and female protagonist of the story

Veda Gadde is the daughter of Chaitanya Gadde and Dhanvantri Gadde. His father is the owner of the number one media channel in Hyderabad. She is a trained classical dancer. She is a happy-go-lucky type of girl who shares a friendly bond with her siblings. She had a crush on Agastya Kodela, the son of the sitting chief minister of the state. I love the badass attitude and people-pleasing nature of Veda.

Veda shares a good bond with her siblings Ram Anna and Raashi. I love the way her elder brother takes care of his little sister and her younger sister Raash is ready to fight with anyone for her elder sister’s happiness. She shares a bitter-sweet relationship with her parents.

Agastya Kodela is a handsome and hardworking son of Suryakant Kodela. I love the character of Agastya who shares a positive bond with his parents, unlike his other two siblings. He is a busy man who does not have time to breathe and forget about love. He is a devoted son and an honest IT minister who always works for the upliftment of the people of his constituency.

The dominating vibes of Agastya are heart-stealing. I love the friendly bonding that he shares with his father. He also shares a heart-warming bond with his siblings Priyanka and Harsh.

The cover of the book is good and the story flows at a very fast pace. The author used simple English vocabulary garnished with few Telugu words. 

Both male and female protagonists evolve as the story progresses. Veda, leaving her people-pleasing nature, stands against her classical dance teacher and parents for the respect of her honest husband. Agastya tried hard to steal time from his busy schedule to save his marriage. Different twists and turns and dominating and sassy attitudes of male and female protagonists kept me hooked on the story till the end.

I enjoyed reading Book 2 in the Dynasty Rebels series. Now I am eagerly waiting to read Harsh and Raashi’s story in the next book.

This book is full of romance, politics, love, and friendship. If you love reading contemporary romance novels with a political drama in the back-drop then I would highly you recommand to read Married in Deceit by Shilpa Suraj

Book Summary: Married in Deceit by Shilpa Suraj

Veda Gadde is a professional classical dancer and the daughter of a leading media house owner in Hyderabad. She is a sassy, badass, and beautiful girl who believes in love and happily ever after. She had a crush on her best friend’s brother Agastya Kodela, the IT minister of the state.

Agastya Kodela is a hard-working and honest politician for whom work is the only life that he lives. He had no time for love. When Veda’s father runs a speculative story against the sitting prime minister he can’t take it lightly. To shut the voice of the most powerful media house he uses Veda’s love for him.

Veda believed that the universe had listened to her wish. Her heart broke into pieces when she came across the real face of Agastya Kodela, who only believes in power.

Will Veda and Agastya have any future together?

Will Veda ever forgive Agastya?

To know more read Married in Deceit by Shilpa Suraj

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