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Unashamed by Neha Bhat clear understanding of the long-term mental burden that Indian society is carrying about the belief of marriage, children, and the way one should behave in front of others. Read the full book review and summary in the article below

Author: Neha Bhat

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Release Date 25 May 2024

Pages 256

Book Review: Unashamed: Notes From the Diary of a Sex Therapist

Unashamed by Neha Bhat is a book that throws light on many blocks of the human mind and carefully guides the readers to start their healing journey. The author of the book, who is a sex therapist by profession, poured her years of knowledge and experience into the book.

The cover of the book is the mirror of the book’s content and depicts the emotional confusion of the people. The book is written in simple English with lots of real-life examples of the author’s clients and their healing journey. The book flows smoothly and opens the locks of old beliefs. This book helps the reader to understand people and their problems more positively.

The author has also highlighted the fact about the portrayal of true love on social media and its effect on young people. The pictures and videos of romantic couples on social media wrongly portray true love and sometimes break relationships,

Childhood trauma and over-expectation from partners sometimes break relationships. The author has also described the abusive relationships and why the other innocent partners carry the burden of an already broken relationship.

The author also shared a few helpful techniques to relax and calm your thoughts. They are easy to apply and I am going to add them to my routine. This book will help you identify your fears and trauma and assist you to overcome them with step-by-step guidance.

The author made clear one very important point: labels speak more about the person who is labelling them than the person who is being labelled.

This book changed my views on psychotherapy and the years of misconceptions that Indian society is carrying.

The author explained very positively that there is nothing wrong in taking the help of a therapist and also guided the reader about the different types of therapists. This book gives hope to queer people to live happily around trusted friends and relatives and take help from therapists if needed instead of running and hiding their real identities.

Although this book completely can’t replace the psychotherapist. The real-life examples given by the author along with their healing journey will give courage to a person who is hesitant to visit a psychotherapist.This is one of the most helpful books on psychology that is written for the Indian people. If you love reading psychology books then I will highly recommend you to read Unashamed by Neha Bhat.

My Takeaways

  •   Sit with your uncomfortable and traumatic feelings instead of avoiding them for short-term pain and long-term gain.
  • Our external chaotic behaviour is linked to our inner experiences.
  • Shame keeps people stuck in fear and healing gives people the power to change.

My Favourite Quote

“Healing from shame is a process, a skill that has to be learnt- and that many Indians are hungry to learn.”

Who Should Read This Book?

  • A person who is hesitant to take psychotherapy can read this book.
  • A person who can’t afford the fees of a psychotherapist
  • A person who wants to improve their relationship with their partners or parents.
  • A queer person who is hiding his real identity from his or her family.

Book Summary: Unashamed by Neha Bhat

The book is divided into four parts

Part I: Prepare

Part II: Listen

Part III: Deepen

Part IV: Heal

Each chapter begins with real-life examples of the author’s patients and their healing journey, followed by takeaways, exercises and some reflection questions for the readers.

Space is given below each question to write answers. I believe this is one of the best books that has highlighted the problems that common people, in India face because of childhood trauma, burdens of relationships, and by hiding their real identity from society. To start your healing journey read Unashamed by Neha Bhat.

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