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Forced Alliance by Sai Vignana Sindhu is a contemporary romance novel that revolves around handsome male protagonist Dhruv and beautiful and stubborn female protagonist Anvita. Read the full summary and review in the article below.

Author: Sai Vignana Sindhu

Cover star star star

Plot star star star star

Narration star star star half star

Characters star star star star

Release Date 12 March 2024

Pages 369

Book Review: Forced Alliance by Sai Vignana Sindhu

Forced Alliance by Sai Vignana Sindhu is a romance novel that revolves around the life of a newly married couple. This book throws light on problems that newly married couples face in arranged alliances.

The author had fabulously crafted the male and female protagonists of the story. They are strong, mature, and always stand up for their loved ones.

Anvita is a middle-class beautiful girl who is straightforward, honest, mature, and understanding. She loves her family and is ready to do anything for their happiness. She loves her parents, sacrificed her career for the treatment of her father, and married a man she did not love. 

She is strong and weak when it comes to someone she loves. She sometimes behaves very maturely and sometimes throws tantrums to irritate her husbands. I think she had all the colors of the Indian girls.

Dhruv is the CEO of Dhruv Group of Companies and has done an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is the most understanding husband in the world. I feel jealous of Anvita for having a man like Dhruv as her life partner.

I found Dhruv’s mother very cool and strong. I think she is the best mother-in-law in the world who guides and understands her daughter-in-law occasionally. Anvita’s father always supports her but never agrees to fulfill demands that are against her goodwill.

Initially, for a few chapters, the story flows slowly and is told from the point of view of a female protagonist. I find it like a regular romance novel. But after chapter 8 the male protagonist comes into action and my interest grows and the book becomes unputdownable. Well-planned suspense and different twists and turns kept me hooked on the story. I must say it is difficult to predict the main culprits behind murder.

Through this story author has thrown light on sexual harassment, blackmailing, toxic relationships, the dark web, and adult Facebook groups that destroy the lives of young and innocent girls.

I also learned that sometimes women have to stand up for themselves instead of dancing to the tunes of their husband

As I don’t want to spill the beans, somewhere the climax of the story seems comparatively less convincing to me. Apart from a few editing errors and over-explanations in some places, I didn’t find any flaws in the books.

I believe this is one of the best books for young readers who want to start reading romances. The book is written in simple English and has very little adult content. The best part is the husband-wife romance chapter begins with a disclaimer. So you can skip them if you don’t want to read them

This book is full of hidden mystery, love, romance, and friendship. If you love reading slow-burning romances then I will recommend you to read Forced Alliance by Sai Vignana Sindhu

Book Summary: Forced Alliance by Sai Vignana Sindhu

Anvita is a simple girl who wants to become a lawyer and shine high in her life. Her dreams were shattered when her then-boyfriend Vedanth stopped her from pursuing law as a career. She sacrificed her dreams for him.

Her father didn’t like Vedanth and fixed her marriage with Dhruv much against her wish. She tried hard to convince her father and Dhruv that she loved Vedanth.

Unfortunately, nobody listened to her and she got married to Dhruv. She broke inside out and didn’t accept Dhruv as her husband. She started throwing tantrums and started neglecting her husband.

Does Anvita ever accept Dhruv as her husband?

Why did Dhruv marry Anvita against her wishes?

To know more read Forced Alliance by Sai Vignana Sindhu.

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