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Love By Chance by Madhuri Tamse is a contemporary romance novel that depicts the mature love story of Tanisha Gupta and Sameer Khanna. Read the book review and summary in the article below.

Author: Madhuri Tamse         

Cover star star star half star

Plot star star star star

Narration star star star star

Characters star star star star

Realease Date 17 February 2023

Pages 226

Book Review: Love By Chance by Madhuri Tamse

Love By Chance by Madhuri Tamse is a standalone, romance novel that depicts the modern love story of the current generation. The woman’s career should not always be sacrificed for marriage is the central theme of the story.

The author had wonderfully crafted the male and female protagonists of the story which represent the modern humans who work hard in their profession. The female protagonist and her dreams are realistic while the male protagonist is a rare species to find in current times.

Tanisha Gupta is the smart and beautiful CEO of the Gupta Industries. She became the CEO of the company at the age of 23 after her father passed away. Her loved ones called her Taani. She is a very good-hearted person. She is a professional woman who gives more importance to her career than her health and happiness.

Sameer Khanna is the handsome male protagonist who understands Taani as no one else does. This is something that every woman craves for in their life partner. The way he fulfilled her five weird wishes touched my heart. The best part is Sameer shifted with Taani after marriage.

The differences between Taani and Sameer are real, and honestly, I can’t support anyone. The way they found a common way to make their relationship shine touched my heart. When Taani faces difficulty in maintaining boundaries between her professional and personal life after marriage, it is Sameer who supports her. This is something that makes the male protagonist stand out in the story.

Rohan and Ishika from the book Fix My Heart make an entry along with Vansh and Vidhi from the book Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor. I found Vidhi very cute and understanding, her story is now on my TBR list. 

I love the cover and title of the book Love by Chance by Madhuri Tamse. Both give full justice to the plot and flow of the story. The sizzling chemistry between the male and female protagonists kept me hooked on the story.  Apart from a few twists and turns the story flows smoothly keeping the reader invested with the narration part. This is one thing that I loved about the author Madhuri Tamse. She aces the art of narration to make a story interesting and a book unputdownable.

Finding the middle way and supporting each other professionally and emotionally is the need of the time. If you love reading slow-burning romances then I highly recommend you to read Love By Chance by Madhuri Tamse.

Book Summary: Love By Chance by Madhuri Tamse

Sameer Khanna is the CEO of a multinational company headquartered in London. He came to India to attend a business conference. He fell in love with speaker Tanisha Gupta, the CEO of Gupta Industries.

Tanisha Gupta is the epitome of beauty with brains. She took the helm from a young age after her father passed away. Taking her father’s business to a new height and finding a perfect match for her step-sister Vidhi are the two sole purposes of her life. When her best friend’s grandmother proposed Sameer’s alliance for marriage with Vidhi she felt attraction towards him.

She brushed off her feelings and went to meet Sameer with Vidhi and Vansh. When Sameer and Taani met for the first time, they both felt the pull towards each other. To ease her feelings which she considered wrong, she ran away to Udaipur for a business meeting.

Taani was surprised to see Sameer staying in the same hotel in Udaipur. Somehow Sameer convinces her that she needs some break from work to discover the real Taani who is masking herself behind CEO Taanisha Gupta.

Will Taani ever address her real feelings for Sameer?

Will Taani and Sameer have any future together?  

To know more read Love By Chance by Madhuri Tamse

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