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Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor by Madhuri Tamse is a cute, romantic, and sweet love story of Vidhi and Vansh who were two different people brought up in different countries but strongly believed in love and family values. Read the book review and summary in the article below.

Author: Madhuri Tamse         

Cover star star star star

Plot star star star star

Narration star star star star

Characters star star star star

Realease Date 8 June 2022

Pages 383

Book Review: Mr and Mrs Kapoor by Madhuri Tamse

Mr. and Mrs Kapoor by Madhuri Tamse is book 3 in the Mr and Mrs. series and is a standalone contemporary novel. This is a simple story of marriage followed by separation and ends as happily ever after. It is the narration and sarcastic attitude of both male and female protagonists that make this story unique and intriguing.

The story is told from the point of view of male protagonists Vansh Kapoor and female protagonist Vidhi Gupta. Both are strong-headed characters who are persistent and know their priorities in life.

Vansh is the handsome, talented, and hardworking CEO of Verve TechCorp started by his grandfather. He was brought up by his grandmother Narayani Kapoor and shared a close bond with his Uncle Subodh and Aunt Damini Kapoor. The way he fought for his wife is truly heart-warming.

Vidhi is a sweet yet mature twenty-five-year-old girl who came to India to live with her step-sister after her mother passed away. She is a fiery, cute, emotional, and talented girl who is always confused between her heart and mind.

 I loved the character of Vansh’s grandmother. She is a modern, emotional, and traditional woman who knows how to keep her family united. She shares a friendly bond with her grandson Vansh. She understands and supports him by giving him the space to tackle his problems and emotions.

The character of Vidhis’s mother was less explored in the book Love by Chance. But in this book, I got to know more about her from Vidhi. Her love for Indian men and her instincts bring the male and female protagonists together. Although her character is described by her daughter Vidhi yet I can feel her worries for her daughter and the way she always made good decisions in the favour of Vidhi before her death.

The friendship between Taani, Vansh, and Rohan is heart-warming. I love their bonding and the way they share their problems and happiness is something very rare to find these days.

The cover and title completely fit with the plot of the story. Although the story is simple with a few twists and turns and the cutest banter in the end that ultimately brought Mr and Mrs Kapoor together kept me hooked with the story till the end.

This book is full of love, friendship, family bonding, romance, banters, and whatnot. If you love reading slow-burning contemporary romance then I will highly recommend you to read Mr. and Mrs Kapoor by Madhuri Tamse.

Book Summary: Mr and Mrs Kapoor by Madhuri Tamse

Five years back Vansh Kapoor, the CEO of Verve Tech Corp secretly married Vidhi Gupta in Austria. Due to some misunderstanding, his bride ran away leaving Vansh confused on the night of their wedding with her mother.

Five years later he met her again as the step-sister of her best friend Taani. Vidhi ignored him like he did not even exist in her life.

On top of that Taani gives the responsibility to Vansh and his family to find a prospective groom for her little sister.  

Will Vansh and Vidhi have any future together?

What will happen when Vansh’s family discovers about his secret marriage?

To know more read Mr and Mrs Kapoor by Madhuri Tamse.

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